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The different forms of massage

Massage has been an extremely popular form of relaxation for many years now and there are lots of different types of massage helping with all kinds of problems due to stress, strain or generally over working your body. It's a therapy that works on releasing tension with in your muscles using a combination of rubbing techniques and essential oils that promote relaxation in the muscles, and has been proven to work at doing just this.

It's fairly simple to learn how to perform aromatherapy there are plenty of day, week and month courses depending on how much you want to learn in the area. With many people it starts just as general interest but can progress to a career as its fairly simple to work freelance (going to peoples houses and giving them massages) or even open your own massage parlour, once you have the correct qualifications. Some of the different areas that make up the different techniques are:

- Aromatherapy - This is a form of massage based around the use of essential oils that are right for the requirements of the customer. The different oils have their own uses such as below;

Clare Sage Massage Oils- Clary Sage, this oil has an antidepressant and calming effect making it ideal for use on a person who suffers from depression or for someone with lots of stress causing them emotional problems.

- Geranium, this is used on people who suffer with anxiety or mood swings it acts as a slight sedative providing the person with a feeling of calm through out their body. It is often used to relieve PMT in women who suffer badly helps relieve any pain, stress and helps reduce swelling from water retention.

- Roman chamomile, the oil has a calming effect on the body and has many uses it can be massaged into the temples to relieve headaches, the gums to relieve toothache, lower stomach to help relieve cramps and for general aches and pains in joints and muscles. It acts as a sedative so is also very helpful for those struggling to sleep.

- Sandalwood, is an aphrodisiac and has uses such as relieving problems like depression and insomnia as it has a sedative effect.Hot Stone Massage It is also very helpful to those suffering with skin complaints such as eczema, acne, greasy skin and chapped skin, however, not applied directly you would add it to your bath (around 8 drops for a full bath tub).

The technique of massage used is also as important as the oils you use that's why it's important to ensure you know the correct technique to use for the different complaints customers may have, or you could end up causing more damage than good. Done correctly the mixture of the right oils and correct hand movements can relieve the person of their problem completely.

Acupressure - This technique is similar to that of acupuncture with out the needles. It is where the therapist will use the pressure of their fingers along pressure points on the person's body to relieve tension from their body. It is still classed as form of massage as the therapist is still using their hands to relieve the tension from the person's body.

Hot stone massage - This is where the stones are heated up (usually in water), and then placed in different pressure points along the person's body. As the stones are being moved around the different positions they have slight pressure applied to them to relieve the tension in the effected area, the warmth also helps with this process as it relaxes the muscles.

Hot Stone MassageFrom this small selection of massage techniques you can see that the benefits of massage spread over a vast selection of problems. If you have any problems as above and modern medicine has failed in giving you any relief then massage may be able to help you relax and even have some relief from whatever your problem may be.