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Flotation therapy

Flotation therapyFlotation therapy is a relatively new therapy designed to relax the body and mind. During flotation therapy clients will relax in a bath which allows them to float for extended periods of time. Flotation is a form of therapy that provides solutions to a variety of problems.

The Treatment

During a flotation session clients will be taken to an individual chamber to relax. The chamber will be a small private space in the form of a pod or cabin. Clients will usually be shown to a room with the chamber which will usually be equipped with a power shower and soap and shampoo.

Clients will enter the pod or hut which will contain a shallow pool usually about 10" deep. The water will be mixed with special salts that have a high density which allows the client to float effortlessly on the surface. Here the client will usually rest for about an hour and enjoy the treatment.

The Benefits

Flotation therapy and the BenefitsSessions of treatment in a flotation tank are renowned for their extremely relaxing properties. A spell in a flotation tank has been compared to feelings of weightlessness as the user is left to literally float unsupported.

Tests conducted have shown that spells in a flotation have the ability to lower a client's blood pressure, reducing anxiety and promoting better circulation. People still suffering from previous injuries and in particular back problems have praised the treatment extensively.

Athletes and professional sports personalities use flotation therapy to help ease mussels in post training winding down sessions. Flotation therapy has also substantially benefited sufferers of sleep deprivation and jet lag. Due to its mentally nourishing qualities people with stress related problems and lack of concentration have also felt a great benefit.

Clear Thinking

Once you have settled into a flotation tank session your brain waves will start to revert to a state usually experienced before waking up or going to sleep. This highly relaxed state is prone to encouraging clearer thoughts with moments of realisation and improved rationale and problem solving skills. Some users have stated that use of flotation tanks has increased their creativity and provided a feeling of deep tranquillity. It is also documented that one hour spent in a floatation tank can provide as much benefit as four times the amount of time spent sleeping.

Research has shown that these pleasant experiences are triggered by a release of endorphins which stimulate the brain giving a natural high. Due to these unique qualities floatation therapy has gained increased usage for treatments of problems relating to substance abuse and depression.

Many schools and universities are now using flotation therapy to aid students. Flotation therapy is good for generally raising levels of concentration and creative thinking and has proven particularly useful in improving revision skills.